About us

BURNS BY BURNS was born from injury and frustration! The founder, Paul Burns, has a partner who loves to eat anything sour with every meal (think beetroot, gherkins, sauerkraut!) and the empty jars kept piling up. “We’ll use them for something, someday” he said.
Most weekends Paul is out on the tennis court, but in Spring 2022 had a knee injury; so, one drizzly weekend, sitting in their cottage in The Chiltern Hills, looking at all the jars piled up everywhere, he had an idea to make some candles.
After giving these away to friends and family as gifts, the feedback he received on how good they smelt ignited his passion and the idea to start BURNS BY BURNS was born!
Today, every candle is lovingly produced in small batch quantities and hand-poured by Paul into Amber glass jars which burn for 45+ hours.
Meticulous product testing and selection has led to the finest, quality fragrances being chosen for our range of luxury soy candles which fill your room with the most decadent scent throws.
To drive our sustainability credentials, our candle jars can be recycled by customers after use. All of our candles are vegan and cruelty free.