How to get wax out of candle jar

How to get wax out of candle jar

I think you'll agree there are some beautiful candle jars nowadays that you want to clean and repurpose in your home once your candle is finished.

There is an easy way to do this:

1) Once the remaining wax has hardened, place the jar on a heat resistant surface and fill it with hot boiled water from a kettle.  Leave it to stand overnight. This should allow the remaining wax to float to the top and form into a hardened disk. It will also allow the wick to loosen. 

2) In the morning, remove the cooled wax disk and put in the bin.  Pour out the water and use some kitchen towel to wipe out the remaining wax and remove the wick with your fingers. 

3) If the wick is still stuck, fill the jar with hot soapy water and leave it to stand for a few hours.  Pour out the water and remove the wick.  Don't be tempted to use a knife to remove the wick, you'll end up scratching the jar, or worse still injuring yourself.  Just repeat this step and the wick will eventually loosen.

3) Wash the jar with an old sponge in hot soapy water to clean the inside and remove the label. Wipe dry and job done.  

You now have a clean, beautiful jar to re-purpose in your home!

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